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Meet Will Chard, a cherished member of our band since late 2019. Will's musical journey, spanning trumpet, guitar, banjo, African, and Middle Eastern drums, reflects his diverse background. Drawn to our performances at the Charleston Highland Games for years, Will finally joined us, adding a dynamic element to our ensemble.

Starting as a tenor drummer, Will swiftly climbed to our Grade 4 competition unit. Even amidst the challenges of COVID, he embraced bagpipe lessons from our instructors and took on the added roles of bass player for Grade 5 competitions and many gigs, as well as serving as our drum corps representative on the board of directors.

Away from the music scene, Will is a devoted family man, sharing his musical interests with his son and getting cheered on at events by his better half, Jessica. Will himself is an avid camper, finding solace and inspiration in the great outdoors. With a deep love for live music, he not only contributes to our band's vibrant tapestry but also brings a rich and varied life experience to our musical community..